History of Paddock Lake


In 1838 three generations of the Paddock Family left New York and headed west by covered wagon. The family settled between two lakes known now as Paddock and Hooker Lakes. The eldest Paddock, David fought in the Revolutionary War and died shortly after the trip.

1843 – Dr. Francis Paddock acquired 281 acres of land from the U.S. Land Patent Office. Dr. Paddock was the first medical professional in the area. He became well known and respected for his expertise in treating fevers and also for his large herd of cattle. That year the first school was built in this area. The building still stands as a house next to Brass Ball Fruit Stand.

1850’s – Huntoon Family built and operated Brass Ball Tavern which became a favorite stopping place for farmers from Lake Geneva transporting goods to the harbor in Kenosha.

1855 – The Town of Brooklyn was renamed to the Town of Salem upon the arrival of Mr. Cogswell.

1883 – Old Settlers Club moves its 44 year old club to the south side of Paddock Lake.

1884 – 1942 – Old Settlers Club of Kenosha County celebrated the end of summer by entertaining residents from Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Burlington, as well as Madison. The guest included Congressmen and Governor Robert LaFollette.

1900 – Waukegan Ice began to harvest ice from Paddock and Hooker Lakes.

1928 – The Illges Family developed vacation and Lake Colony on the South west side of Paddock Lake.

1929 – Channel dredged on the southwest corner of the Lake. This created Evergreen Isle where a 37 lot subdivision was planned.

1930’s – Brass Ball Road House, on the southwest side of Hwy 50 and 83, is a popular attraction by travelers to and from Lake Geneva.

1960 – The hamlet known as Paddock Lake in Salem Township is approved to detach from Salem and incorporate The Village of Paddock Lake is created.

1987 – State Hwy 50 is improved from two to four lanes.

1990’s – Village welcomes McDonalds, Burger King and Walgreen’s as Village continues to grow.