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Municipal Water

Recently in the news we have heard and read of contaminated drinking water. The Village Board and Staff want our residents to be aware of our continued efforts to provide safe drinking water to our customers.

The Paddock Lake Water Utility District Commissioners, Village Board of Trustees and Village Staff has in the past and continues to be vigilant with regard to providing safe water to all of its 289 water system customers.  The Village in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Recourses and the Environmental Protection Agency regularly tests the ground water wells and various residences for contaminants, heavy metals and bacteria.

The results of these tests repeatedly reveal a safe water supply and distribution system.

The WDNR and EPA have set 15 parts per billion for lead as a threshold requiring action and health professionals have determined that a reading greater than 5 parts per billion is a cause for concern.

US EPA threshold limit of lead                                    15 ppb

Health Professionals                                                       5 ppb

Village Utility District water                                          2.2 ppb


Flint Michigan reported lead levels                          27 to 158 ppb



Attached for your review is the most recent consumer confidence report data.

 ccr report 2017

For information please click on the link above. If you have any further questions, please call Tim Popanda, Village Administrator at 262-843-3617