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Sewer problems…you do not want to have

Sanitary wipes and feminine napkins are being marketed by manufacturers of these products as disposable and flushable, these disinfecting wipes are causing problems within the village sanitary sewer collection system.

The products appeal to consumers in part because of manufacturer’s claims that they can by conveniently flushed down the toilet.  Unfortunately the cloth like material does not break down in the sanitary sewer system like toilet paper and can block sewer line, clog equipment and sewer lines which lead to increased operational costs.

In addition to wipes and hygiene products, manufacturers of toilet cleaning sponges are promoting that the sponge can be flushed after its use.  These products not only plug drain lines but may also plug sewer pumps.

Since 2011 the Village has experienced 6 (six) sanitary sewer overflows (backups).  The costs to village tax payers for these overflows have been $24,500.