Safe Swimming on Paddock Lake

During the swimming season, the Village of Paddock Lake monitor’s Paddock Lake beaches for potential health risks.  Village and County Staff does this by retrieving water samples from the four swimming areas on Paddock Lake.  These samples are then tested for fecal coliform. Fecal coliform is only an indicator of health risk. The higher the fecal count the higher potential the water also contains pathogens that can cause illness. Testing frequency – The beaches are tested weekly Standards for posting warnings – If fecal coliform bacteria counts exceed 300 the swim area is posted “Warning swim at your own risk”.  If fecal colifer bacteria counts exceed 1,000 the swim area is CLOSED.

Test results for the week of August 28, 2017: (updated 9-1-17)

North Shore Association beach = 3


Paddock/Hooker Lake Association = 365

Hoag Park (238th Ave) = 108

Old Settlers (Kenosha County Park) =135

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